Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lion King's Puppies - resting up, for the new Adventure

3 of the “Puppies” recently participated in a one off “Breast Cancer” fundraiser.

They were extremely brave to stand in a shop window in “underwear” while we were involved in the fundraising.

Wonderful job girls !!!

Also – watch this space for exciting news about new fun events, community involvement and a new Corporate Sponsor.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The “Lion King’s Puppies” – the origins

The name “Lion King’s Puppies” originated at a house party – and the true meaning of the origins shall remain with those who were at that party, but suffice to say;

“We Came, We Hunted and We Conquered”

Although the Lion King’s Puppies group was only formed in 2009, we have already contributed 3 teams to the 2009 Cancer Council’s Relay for Life and raised in excess of $2,000 in just six weeks. We plan to do more in 2010.

These are exciting times.

The People – The most beautiful aspect of the Puppies are the PEOPLE who are involved. They GIVE their time so generously, sacrificing domestic, family or work time to make a wonderful contribution. It’s a true inspiration being with them.

The Teamwork – probably the most important ingredient the group can have. Eager, willing, dynamic, committed and inspirational are just a few words that immediately come to mind when you meet the Puppies.

The Partnerships – it is important the Puppies provide a basis and a platform to develop, foster and encourage partnerships with individuals, groups and even corporations who have like interests.

The Focus – the balance of 2009 and the 1st quarter of 2010 will no doubt expose the group to a new common drive, both personally and as a group. Setting goals, interfacing and interacting with the community – to be leaders in common purpose, leaders in community relations, leaders in teamwork and to inspire not only those within the group but everyone they come into contact with for the common betterment.

The Future Directions – Clearly focusing on providing the community at large with equitable equality and transparency in fundraising, in human relations and in support for the suffering of all men and woman in their times of most need.

We remain dedicated to raise awareness about body issues, health and well being. In particular breast cancer awareness.

So, we will be regrouping in the coming months to determine a schedule of activities for the coming year, with a focus on making a real impact at next years' Relay for Life event.

How you can help? Easy. Commit to dedicate time to help raise awareness about body issues, health and well being.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Team effort...

it's great to see the guys so involved!!

hi puppies,

whilst this is in no way the final dollar amount raised and does NOT include some of the direct online friend donations.... i'd like to report that we are now around $1500 raised


keep going - every cent counts :)

Day Seventy Six, a team mix

we spent the evening (or start of it) creating the banner for the lion king puppie team. our efforts will all come together next weekend when the walk is on... we have two large teams entered and have done a heap of fund raising... probably not as much as our first dreams (dreams are free) HOWEVER, we have learnt a heap along the way... had a few ups and downs, but generally enjoyed the ride and we look forward to doing it bigger and better next year.

for now, we will at least look the part on the day!! xc

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fundraising and organisation efforts recognised

we are all busy...

The Relay For Life Cancer Council event is now just two weeks away. This may be your first Relay or you could be a returning participant, but I am sure you have lots of questions about what happens at the event.

As Team Captain I'll be attending a meeting on Monday 23 March and will provide a full update after this catch up.

In the meantime,

Robyn is organising and sorting walking rosters for the team (for on the day),
Robyn is creating costume samples (that we need to get together to chat about!!),
Robyn and Rowan are coming up with site design ideas,
Rowan continues to spread the good word and attend meetings,
Jim is preparing his BBQ,
Mick and Rowan are creating the Lion banner (it's gonna be BIG),
Charlie is looking for her sleeping bag (as I'm sure the rest of you are),
Maria continues to make cup cakes and sort our team forms & registrations,
Charlie continues to chat,

and we all continue to fundraise.

To date, our fundraising tally (banked) is $634

Keep up the good work xxx

The opening lap of each Relay is dedicated to cancer survivors and their carers who are then hosted for a special Survivors Afternoon Tea. If you know of any survivors or carers who would like to participate, please have them contact the Survivor Coordinator – Jane Wilkinson on 0413 095 022 or **or I am happy to do this on your behalf.

Candlelight Ceremony Tribute
During the Candlelight Ceremony a presentation of photos of cancer survivors and loved ones who have passed will be shown on the plasma screen. If you have a photo you would like included, please e-mail them to Megan Davidson at no later than Friday 20 March 2009. Please label the photo as Survivor or In Memory. **or I am happy to do this on your behalf.

Just let Jane know you are part of the Lion King Puppies group.

So, it's all starting to take shape :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We have had some awesome support these past few weeks.

Franca over in Melbourne, Victoria has donated $300 to the cause as her friend, Samantha Chappel, is affected by cancer of the liver. Samantha is on chemo, her third dosage.... she has two kids called Bailey and Mia and with her husband Mark she is being brave and strong.

Bailey and Mia are Franca's god kids, so she loves them dearly and wanted to do anything she could to support.

It's stories like this that inspire us all to act, even when we aren't directly affected. The whole "what if it happened to me" is lost and forgotten because it HAS happened to someone we know. It's all too close to home to ignore.

To continue...

We have wonderful news that a carer is to walk for us. This is GREAT news. Grant Mattiske's wife has only recently gone through breast cancer... and to be honest she can't walk as she isn't strong enough yet!! Charlie (team captain) works with Grant. The day she saw him with a shaved head made her twig that something was going on. A short conversation later and he had her committed to doing what she can to raise awareness. Such caring and devoted people should not have this type of illness affect them. And yet it still does.

What else can we do?

The Puppies want to raise awareness about breast cancer, and illness in general, etc... but also... what is it that we can do to raise awareness with body health?

Do you want to feel me?

Sounds gross, tarty, tacky...? but why? If it was with someone we loved and its ultimate gain was to ensure we stayed healthy - then there's no issue. Right? It would be a socially accepted norm for both partners in a relationship.

So, how do we manage this stigma? It's something the Puppies want to contribute to over time. What and how we are managing our OWN body health and well being.

In the meantime...

One of our Puppies, who admittedly runs her own pilates studio, has donated 6 pilates lessons, valued at $345 for the Lion King raffle. A raffle?? Yep, it's all about raising money. So, we think this is an awesome contribution (just quietly smug here). They are private lessons - including an initial assessment within the six lessons in total....

These raffle tickets are gonna be HOT HOT HOT.

Puppie Liz's pilates studio is located at:

Innersense Pilates Systems
3/190 Hutt St
Adelaide 5000

Contact your Puppie today for your ticket (or own book to sell).
Team Captain

Monday, February 23, 2009

Introducing the puppies, mongrels & cubs, and da Lion King himself

Hey - what would the Lion King Puppies Relay for Life team be, if not for the team of dedicated individuals who are putting their heart and souls into creating something fresh? And not just for the one event - no... we'd like to carry this concept on for ever :)

These next few posts will be dedicated to introducing the puppies to you.

Here's a little about rowan: da lion king. one of our puppie mongrels.

basically, where Rowan's concerned, if it has anything to do with .....bikes, cars, adventure .....sailing, rallying, or bike racing, he's in front and in line. however and more importantly when it's to help raise money for the serious and insidious disease, Cancer, ......he's right up there raising the flag.

so, whether prowling the business or nite life jungle, rowan is dependable, strong and a great leader of the puppies pack. his enthusiasm and spontaneity spur us on. not shy in coming forward, he knows how to have his say and also writes a blog about various issues close to his heart. Rowan's blogger profile is here:

Rowan's aim for the Lion King Puppies is to raise awareness about body issues, health and well being.

way to go!!

next up with be comments about Maria, our main fundraisier and organiser... our Team Captain Charlie, our costume and set designer Robyn, and our PR puppies Liz, Karen and Quinny. after that we might make mention of the mongrels. or, our guys.